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Attitude Books Foundation Inc. winds up but their message remains relevant.

Five years ago, Attitude Books Foundation Inc. (ABFI) was established with the aim to achieve a goal that was set in 1998 when A for Attitude – a small book that shares universal resilience-boosting and happiness principals – was first published. That goal was that every year, every grade 3 child in Australia would receive their own copy of A for Attitude.

With over 20 years of anecdotal evidence we know the significant difference A for Attitude has made in the lives of thousands of children both here in Australia and overseas. Teaching positive life skills, such as respect for self and others, at a young age means children are more likely to carry these habits into adulthood – an attitude that has a positive impact not only on themselves but on their families and communities. ABFI’s intention was to ensure that impact was far reaching and continuously growing.

After significant effort from our current and past board members we have not achieved that ambitious goal due to a range of circumstances outside our control. It would appear unlikely that we will be able to do so in future either, so have made the unfortunate decision to wind up the foundation effective [date].

We would like to thank everybody who has supported the Attitude Books Foundation: teachers, principals, parents, children, psychologists, therapists, counsellors, clergy, local business owners, grandparents, doctors, Rotarians and Lions Club members, journalists and politicians.

While ABFI will cease to operate, A for Attitude and our desire to positively impact the lives of as many children as possible lives on! Now, more than ever, the need for positive attitudes and caring communities are imperative.  The book will always be available online at www.aforattitude.com.au.

They say “It takes a community to raise a child”…

WE say “It takes a positive community to raise a positive child.”

Reviews From Around The Globe

The beauty of A for Attitude is it’s generic simplicity. The principles contained in the book suit people of all ages, of any colour, creed or race, from all walks of life… because they are based upon age-old wisdom used by successful people for generations.

“…your book and cards are a great way for (our family) to interact and discuss the right way to think and believe so you can achieve.”
Joe DiPietro

NYC New York, USA

“I dream of the day that A for Attitude is part of every school curriculum. In the meantime it is certainly part of my own educational tools at home”
Einav Yam-Hod

Hamerkaz, Israel

“A for Attitude assists children to lay strong foundations to become resilient, empowered, capable and successful adults.”

Tracey Lakainapali

Author and teacher

“The children are enthusiastic to read, discuss and share their feelings using the book as a support”

Belinda Coggin

Our Lady of Fatima Primary School, Vic

“Kids today need to be resilient, adaptable… and to stay positive in the face of the challenges the modern world deals them. I can’t recommend this organisation enough!”

Anne Morrow

Saudi Arabia

“It teaches me to accept myself for whoever I am and not to take my anger out on anyone or myself”

Yr 3 student

Mornington Peninsula

We couldn’t have done it without our amazing supporters

We are sincerely grateful to all those who have supported our Foundation and hope that you’ll choose use their services and support them in return. It makes for a win/win/win situation, and we love those! By working with these organisations, you can be sure that you’re dealing with community minded people who want the best for you and your children.

Our values:
•Respect for self and others
•Resilience through Early intervention

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