A message for parents

The A for Attitude book, first published in 1998, helps many thousands of children in 15+ countries around the world to become more confident and resilient.

It is often described by parents, teachers and counsellors as a ‘little life helper’ and while some children as young as 3 or 4 years of age ask to have a page or two read to them before bed or school, other older children dip into it whenever challenges arise. Many adults admit that they need to read it too. We hope they all read it together.

The A+ activities that Kids Club members receive each fortnight, were written by:

  • Kate Emry BA Grad Dip Ed.: a Year 3 teacher at Red Hill Consolidated School in Vic. Australia, and
  • me, Julie Davey: the author and illustrator of A for Attitude,

to work in conjunction with A for Attitude to help children gain further understanding in particular situations.
They offer opportunities and reference points for important classroom and family discussions.

If you have a copy of the book, you’ll find these activities very helpful to expand on the concepts in the book, so we suggest reading the corresponding page in A for Attitude before doing the exercise. If you don’t have the book, that’s quite ok, the activities will work on their own. As a Kids Club member, if you decide to purchase the book, you’ll receive a 20% discount when you visit our store.


Tips for using the activities:

  • Create a personal A+ Activity Diary for each child – the Can Do Kids Club folder with plastic sleeves is ideal.
  • Add and/or rearrange pages as each exercise is completed. Particular activities may be repeated. The diary then allows you to note the progress achieved.
  • As with the A for Attitude book, each topic can be addressed on it’s own or in conjunction with others.

Read the Ant, Bee, Caterpillar story before working through the associated activities that will follow.
The story is designed to help children consider how they can be responsible for their
own feelings. It also encourages them to focus more on their positive attributes.

Practise the ‘What’s your Word?’ activity as often as you can!
This exercise is particularly useful to help families connect mindfully.

Have fun with this and I’d love to hear your feedback!

– Julie Davey

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