Can Do Easter

Easter is one of my favourite times of year. It means school holidays, fun times with friends, footy season starting, hot cross buns and plenty of chocolate. I know it’s also about lots more than [...]

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Rocks and metal and feet – never a good combo

It really REALLY hurts when you stand on something sharp in bare feet. I know that sounds obvious, but unless you've done it lately, you won't remember just how painful it is. I was down [...]

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Doing the dentist dance

Nobody much seems to like dentists. I wonder why anyone wants to become one? I think they go to uni forever too, just to learn how to create torture in people's mouths.... I know I [...]

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Mrs Grouchy wasn’t so grouchy after all

I started back at school this week. Boy. It feels weird after such a long and great summer holiday. I really struggled to get up on Monday morning and Mum kept having to remind me [...]

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Yoga and skateboards

I was so lucky to go to the beach with my friends Ollie and Lucy and their Mum and Dad to do some yoga with a ladycalled Jan.  She's really nice and loves doing yoga [...]

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Sharing a birthday with Jesus

I guess you could say I lucked out when it comes to birthdays.... I have to share it with two really important dudes in a kid's life - Santa and Jesus. Mum used to tell [...]

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