The Attitude Books Project aims to boost resilience in our community by — year after year — sharing universal success principles with Grade 3 children, giving them the opportunity to:
• learn positive life-skills,
• develop personal responsibility, respect for self and others, and
• create constructive habits at a young age — that are likely to stay with them for life.

Attitude TV: A positive TV channel where Can Do kids chat with Aussie achievers! We’ve just booked in our next exciting interviewee … watch this space!

They say “It takes a community to raise a child.”

We say “It takes a positive community to raise a positive child.”

How You Can Be Involved

Front Of Mind For Years To Come

We offer sponsors the prospect to link your brand with a popular resource that promises to stay around much longer than alternative advertising campaigns.

This book is often retained by children and families for many years.

One Size Can Fit All

Many other resources and programs are aimed at children or parents or teachers or therapists. Our program offers a resource that has been well received by all demographics since 1998.

A for Attitude:
• has proven popular with all demographics;
• can be used right throughout the school years in the classroom and home;
• is used by therapists in schools and private practice;
• offers to improve family communication, and
• provides a bridge between home and school – supports all other wellbeing programs.


The Attitude Books Initiative…

a-for-attitude-bruce-davey-rotaryAfter watching her father’s journey with cancer, and noticing how his optimism, meditation and change of diet affected his health, author Julie Davey began researching personal development principles, and couldn’t help wondering, “Why aren’t these positive philosophies, strategies and ethics taught — comprehensively — to kids in school?”

At that stage (the 1990s) there were a few such books around for kids, and some teachers shared such information with their students, but wellbeing certainly wasn’t on the curriculum, so while some children had access to this material, many did not.

So Julie gathered a bundle of these universal principles — the ones practised by successful people for thousands of years (and promoted by the likes of, Napoleon Hill, James Allen, Norman Vincent Peale, Dale Carnegie and Stephen Covey) and packaged them in a little book, titled A for Attitude, which she self-published it in 1998.

Her wish at the time, and ever since, was that every child would have access to this information. Julie had the ‘what’ and ‘why’ — she just didn’t have the ‘how’.

Then in 2007, a Rotary District Governor, Janet McCahon, saw the book and said “Why don’t we give this book, every year, to Grade 3 children, like many Rotary Clubs do, with the Dictionary?” The how had revealed itself.

Over the next eight years A for Attitude was distributed to children in various primary schools, in Victoria, NSW, Qld and WA, with support from Rotary clubs and small businesses.

In 2013, the Rotary Club of Rosebud/Rye donated books to each individual Yr3 student at six schools on the Southern Peninsula, including Eastbourne Primary School. In the following video, specialist education teacher Ann Richardson shares a heartwarming story about one particular recipient of Rotary’s donation that year…

Books in this campaign are heavily discounted for sponsors, so what is small change to us – can create massive change for children!



• choose their preferred territory to support
• pay to secure branding in the A for Attitude book

• register online, for free, to be included in distribution
• teachers receive ongoing support and encouragement
• promote program in parent newsletter

– for Local campaigns: we attach sponsor branded labels in each book
– for Larger distribution: we print a batch of books to include sponsor details
• are distributed by courier to each school
• are given out to Grade 3 students to:
– use in class, throughout year, and then
– take home.

Territories & Options

Options for branding books for distribution in schools / marketing program:
Local Partner, Local campaign, all children in your local school(s)
• A label with your logo, Business/organisation name and message attached inside book

Region Partner; Regional campaign, 10,000+ children
• Your brand and brief introduction with web address printed inside cover of book

State Partner; State-wide campaign eg. Vic / SA – 100,000 children/teachers
• Your logo on back cover
• Your organisation’s details and promotional message* on 1 page inside the book

National Partner; Australia-wide campaign – 300,000 books including teacher copies
• Your logo on back cover
• Your organisation’s details and promotional message* on 2 pages inside the book
• Extra pages can be added if required. N.B. Price is subject to change with extra pages.
* subject to guidelines regarding size, content and placement of sponsor brand and message