Brand Partners

Overview of benefits to Brand Partners

  • Cost effective Brand reach to up to 300K families each year by 2022,
    – Various profile-raising options exist for each sponsorship level.
  • Demonstrate care and concern for families of the future,
    – A for Attitude offers parents a framework to shape conversations with their children.
  • Front of mind promotion for your organisation on each copy,
    – research indicates that this book stays with a child or family for many years, therefore offering to extend your public profile well into the future.
  • Life-long advertising for a very small investment,
    – with options for a three year contract or an ongoing relationship.

More detailed information here ABFI – Brand Partner flowchart 

How It Works

Here’s HOW your sponsorship works:

Ethical businesses and Community organisations such as Rotary and Lions Clubs can now join in this initiative as a by simply purchasing an A for Attitude book for every grade 3 student at their local school to become:

  • Silver Brand Partner: sponsor all grade 3 students at one school, or
  • Gold Brand Partner: sponsor all grade 3 students at ten or more schools

You’ll get your brand on this best selling book for just $10* each – the regular retail price is $24.95. (Greater savings exist for higher levels of sponsorship.) *+ P&H

N.B. some schools have composite classes where grade 2 and/or 4 students share a classroom with grade 3 students. In this case, we ask that your sponsorship covers every child in the composite class to allow teachers to discuss the book with all students.

We will:

  • Brand each copy with your business/organisation’s logo.
  • encourage schools to promote the program in school newsletter – goes to all parents and teachers
  • provide ongoing education and materials for teachers to assist them to use the book in class and remind students to access it when it goes home.

You can:

  • personalise the pro-forma letter to be given with books to let parents know about your business or community organisation and your reasons for sponsoring the books.
  • check with your local primary school to determine if they will invite you in to personally gift the books to each individual student.
  • call your local newspaper editor, or send a press release (pro-forma MR supplied) and let your wider community know about this project and how and why you have chosen to support it.

Here’s WHY it works:

Promoting your business or community organisation

This initiative paves the way for you to:

  • attract media attention for your gesture, which gives you an opportunity to inform the wider community about your organisation.
  • have direct access to parents and teachers who you can invite to visit your premises or utelise your service.
  • set up a lasting affiliation with children – future potential customers of your business.

Please note that we only partner with organisations who provide goods and/or services which support healthy lifestyles for children and the broader community.

Supporting your local students

This initiative supports children by:

  • teaching them valuable principles that have been used by millions of successful people for thousands of years;
  • using simple visuals to share information with children and their families, and
  • reminding them to value and love themselves and others.

Helping your local school

This initiative helps schools by:

  • providing a well tested, highly acclaimed and trusted resource that can be referred to in class by teachers;
  • addressing bullying and negative behaviours among students
  • affirming the benefits of community spirit when you visit your local school and gift these books to students (for no particular reason), and
  • building an ‘I Can’ community for Yr 3 students to continue throughout their remaining years at primary school and beyond.

State and National Distribution

Benefits for our State and National Brand Partners

  • Access to the ABFI logo for product branding,
  • Your Corporate / organisation’s logo printed on back cover, your story printed, 1–2 pages, inside book
  • Supporting children and delivering social benefits for the wider community,
  • Opportunity for valuable staff, team and morale-building exercises,
  • Special deals as an ABFI Brand Partner – discount on A for Attitude resources,
  • Facilitate brand loyalty, from alignment with a well-known, trusted and meaningful cause,
  • Increase your triple bottom line (social, environmental and financial) performance,
  • A chance to network with community, government and other businesses,
  • Link to our Can Do Kids Club community members.
  • Profile building through Media Releases for the length of the project

Local Distribution

Ideal for:

  • small business sponsors,
  • community groups, and
  • schools to purchase themselves

    Sponsor copies of A for Attitude for local Yr3 students.

    ..and place your branded label on Page 1 of this bestseller.

    Current And Past Sponsors

    The following generous clubs and local businesses have partnered in the Books Project, donating books to children in their local communities.
    Will you join them?


    IMB Bank Foundation
    Rotary Club of Armidale North, NSW
    Rotary Club of Armidale, NSW
    Rotary Club of Armidale Central, NSW
    Rotary Club of Bundaberg Sunrise, Qld.
    Rotary Club of Koo Wee Rup – Lang Lang, Vic.
    Rotary Club of Rosebud, Vic.
    Rotary Club of Rye, Vic.
    Rotary Club of Rosebud-Rye, Vic.
    Rotary Club of Welshpool, W.A.
    Sarah Hudson Liberty Finance Broker
    St Mary’s Primary School, Hampton
    Broadwater County Lions Club, Montana, USA

      Rye Newsagency, Vic.
      Bulk Whole Foods Market
      Allied Health Connections
      Rotary club of Millawa – Oxley
      Rotary Club of Yea
      Rotary Club of Dromana
      Rotary Club of Seymour
      Red Hill District Lions Club
      Maiden Gully Marong Lions Club
      Donnybrook District High School P&C Association
      Cathedral College Wangaratta
      Our Lady of Fatima Primary School, Rosebud
      Eastbourne Primary School, Rosebud

      Our values:
      •Respect for self and others
      •Resilience through Early intervention

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