How would you like an opportunity to raise funds for your school, while helping students to build resilience and strengthen their Can Do attitude? No selling chocolates, just promoting healthy habits of the mind.

How it works:

  • school P&C committees will be required to register, at no cost, as ‘Kids Club School Members’, to be eligible for CDKC fundraising.
  • P&C committees appoint a KC manager who will be asked to manage the Kids Club
  • each new Family membership sold will earn you 2 points ($2 as a cash donation to your committee, so long as new members have nominated their school).
  • as new members from your school sign up, and numbers grow, we may prepackage the Kids Welcome Packs up and deliver to your school, asking your P&C manager to hand out Welcome Packs to students. This will earn you extra points.
  • KC School points are calculated, and paid, on a quarterly basis.

To register:

  • enter your details in the form below,
  • promote Kids Club membership though your parents’ newsletter on a regular basis.

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