Can Do on Dad's Back

Grown-ups are so weird.

I don’t get why they get so cross about things that seem really normal and simple to me. They just seem to make things complicated that don’t have to be complicated and then it gets everyone around them annoyed and fidgety. And then they go and get annoyed and fidgety at people for being annoyed and fidgety! It’s so weird!

It must be that our brains change shape and our eyes change their vision as we get older and that we don’t see the world in the same way as kids anymore. Do you think that’s a thing?  Does that actually happen? There’s really no other explanation for why Mum got so cross at Dad for wanting to change jobs, is there?

Dad has always been an accountant.  I don’t really know what that means, except that he does things with numbers on the computer for people, especially business people, and that it’s kind of boring but necessary.  ‘Boring but necessary’ is what Mum has always called Dad’s work.  And I guess that in that ‘boring but necessary’ thing is some kind of security and money for our family, because all I’ve heard for the last three days since Dad announced he wanted to do something different is: “You’re jeopardising our future…it may be boring, but it’s necessary and always will be which means you will always be in work….how can we make our mortgage payments on this new whim…it’s just not secure, love.”

Then Dad has been fighting back with words like this: “If I don’t make the change now I’ll never know….we’ll be fine hon, you’ll see….I feel like I need a change….you only live once…I feel trapped…I’m so BORED!” So I’m guessing Dad’s ‘boring but necessary’ work is actually REALLY boring and that it’s boring him now too!

It makes sense to me that as a grown-up you should be able to finally do whatever it is you want to do. I mean, as a kid we get told what to do all the time…at school, at home, at footy training, everywhere. So I reckon by the time you’re finally a grown-up you should be able to make your own decisions, right? So why does Dad feel so trapped? No-one is making him be an accountant, surely? His Mum and Dad don’t care what he does, they just care that he’s happy (I hear them say that all the time) and that he’s there to take them to and from bowls on Saturday! Is Mum making him be an accountant? I don’t think so, because I reckon Dad was an accountant before he met her, because I heard him mutter that ‘he’s been an accountant his ENTIRE life’. So why does Dad feel trapped in his job?  And why is Mum being so weird about him wanting to do something else?

I reckon when I’m older I’m going to try out all sorts of jobs. I don’t think I want to do the same thing for my whole adult life, because it seems that you’re a grown-up for a really long time.  I especially don’t think I’d stay doing the same job if I got bored of it!  That’s just dumb I reckon.  As an adult, surely you get to choose to do interesting and exciting things in your day? Otherwise, why bother?

I don’t know anything about how much money you get being a drone operator (that’s what Dad wants to do now), and I don’t think he cares, but it seems Mum does for some reason…like she really cares.  And she thinks his choice to do this will affect our ‘security’ (I’m not really sure what that means either, except that it’s something to do with staying in our house, which I guess is kind of a big deal, so I hope they work that bit out because I really don’t want to move house).  Anyway, I reckon flying drones would be the coolest job EVER so I think Dad should do it. I could even help him sometimes! I’ve got a little battery-operated drone which is great fun to fly at the park, and I’m pretty good at it, so maybe I can teach Dad a trick or two!

I really don’t see what Mum is fussing about with all this changing of job business. Dad really seems to want to do it. And to be honest, he has seemed kind of down in the dumps every morning before going to work as an accountant, so perhaps he really is bored and tired of it.  It sounds like he’s made a really good choice for himself and that he’d be super happy doing this new job.  I think his mind is made up… but I reckon he has a lot of talking to do to convince Mum that it’s a good idea. I wonder what will happen if she keeps fighting and doesn’t agree? I just don’t get why she can’t be excited for him.

Doesn’t Mum just want Dad to be happy?


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