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A for Attitude book has inspired and supported many thousands of children over the years and they in turn impact others with their Can Do attitude.

By supporting this campaign, you will be contributing to the well-being of an untold number of people through the ripple effect.

As a Foundation member, here’s how you might help:

  1. Please share our Facebook and Instagram posts with your social media friends and relatives.
  2. Word of mouth referrals are very powerful. Next time you’re chatting with the parent of primary school children, please let them know about our Attitude Books Project so that their school can register,
  3. Let your local school P&C group know that they can fund raise via our Can Do Kids Club option
  4. Do you own a local business or know someone who does? Local businesses can gain marketing benefits from sponsoring books for local school children, and
  5. If you are local to the Mornington Peninsula, we could use your help with collating, packing and distribution from time to time please.

Once we expand to our new premises in 2018, we will have more opportunities for volunteers and their families.

We thank you in advance and look forward to having you aboard as an official member of the Attitude Books Foundation Inc.

Overview of benefits to Australian communities

P&C committees

Parents and Citizens / Parents and Friends / School committees, dedicated to student wellbeing can help their school by raising funds for all Grade 3 students to benefit from the Attitude Books Project. Register your school today.

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Our values:
•Respect for self and others
•Resilience through Early intervention

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