It’s springtime and it’s the time we get busy in our garden. Mum goes crazy at the gardening shop every year at the same time buying baby plants, smelly food and dirt, and always some new gardening gadget. I hate the way the cow poo smells but apparently the vegies love it!

I really enjoy pottering in the garden with Mum. She says I always loved getting dirty and making a mess as a baby, so it’s kind of my thing. The sunshine on my back feels warm and I feel really good when my hands are in the mud. It’s really peaceful being outside just with Mum too. We don’t say much to each other, except ‘pass the trowel’ or ‘can you please water this in’, but it’s really nice.

This spring we’ve planted tomatoes, celery, cucumber and spinach. There’s also heaps of new herbs in a big wine barrel. Mum likes to cook with them but I forget all their names. I really like celery with peanut butter inside it for a snack and I love dipping cucumber into hummus. I hope our vegies grow quickly coz I’m getting hungry thinking about it.

I’m not a huge fan of green stuff on my plate – which kid is, right? But somehow when it comes straight out of our garden it tastes awesome!

It tastes like sunshine and is heaps crunchier and more filled with flavour than the vegies we get from the supermarket, and my body feels full of energy after eating them. Why do you think that is?

It’s pretty cool to be able to watch a small seedling (mum says that’s what it’s called when they’re bigger than a seed but not quite a plant yet) sprout into vegies in no time at all. Just sun, water and some of that stinky poo and voila! It’s really pretty amazing.

It’s my job to keep an eye on the vegies and make sure there are no snails having a party on the leaves, or any little flying things having a nibble on the flowers. Mum says we ‘don’t do chemicals’ in the garden, so we can’t spray the bugs away. I thought that would be an easy way to get rid of them. But instead, I have to pick up the snails and throw them in the woodpile and squish the little bugs as soon as I see them. I kind of feel mean doing that, after all, they just want a taste of our yummy vegies too, but I guess there won’t be much left for us if I let them keep partying.

Sometimes if there are more vegies than we can eat I take some to my neighbor. She always thinks it’s like Christmas when I arrive! It’s pretty nice to hear from someone else how delicious the things are that you’ve grown.

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