How good does it feel when you try something new and you nail it?

I’d never done gymnastics before but I got to have a try of it the other day when I visited the Little Gym Shop and played with Gracie. The Little Gym Shop is business owned by a mum and dad who have two kids – Gracie and Charli. Gracie is 8 just like me! They sell all sorts of cool equipment to practise your gymnastics on at home.

In truth, I didn’t really want to have a go. In fact, I didn’t even really want to bother going to The Little Gym shop. I thought gymnastics was just for girls who like to twirl and do handstands and for boys who can’t play footy. But boy was I wrong. Gracie is so strong and brave! I’m pretty sure she’s stronger than all of my friends (and definitely me!) and could beat them in a wrestle any day! She tumbles on a tiny thin beam, and hangs upside down on bars and then spins around them. She’s really really focused and never seems to be scared of falling off the equipment.

I was pretty nervous that Gracie was going to make me have a turn, and I didn’t want her to think I was scared so I pretended to be all cool and just mucked around and hung upside down with her on the bar. (Truthfully, it was a lot harder than it looked!) It was really good fun though and I liked Gracie showing me how to do it.

I know now that gymnastics is NOT just for twirly girlies. It takes HEAPS of practice to get really good at it and you have to be flexible and strong so you can do the moves properly. It would take ages for me to be able to do anything like that for real, but I did enjoy hanging about with Gracie.


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