Can Do LegoI love the winter school holidays. I get really tired at the end of school term – ‘kinda cranky’ says Mum –  so I really like the idea of doing nothing for a couple of weeks. Just sleeping in, having brekky when I want to, and deciding on what I want for lunch AT LUNCH TIME (not in the morning when I have to pack my lunchbox and I’ve only just had brekky and don’t know what I’ll feel like for lunch yet).

This holidays I’ve decided to give myself a challenge. I have to build a new Lego vehicle creation every single day. It has to be something I have designed in my head, not something out of a box. You see, when I get new Lego, I always follow the instructions and build it piece-perfect first up. I like to see how fast I can get through the instruction book and create the masterpiece exactly as it is in the picture. But then, once I’ve looked at it for a few days, I pull it apart and start creating my own things. It’s actually much more fun to see what weird constructions come out of my head. I’ve got this real knack for visualising the exact piece I need to create what it’s in my head. My Mum calls it my ‘creative outlet’ (and then mutters that she wishes I spent as much time creating homework as I do Lego!)

Last holidays I got organised and put all my Lego into colour order. It took FOREVER! Mum bought me little plastic boxes so I could sort it all out properly.  It looks awesome and now I can find stuff faster, but…it kinda lacks that crazy messiness that I love about Lego. Mum thinks it’s great because now is less likely to step on it. She says it’s the worst pain in the world!  Anyway, I’ll see how I go this holidays… maybe I’ll mess it all back up again…. just to annoy her!

Some of my friends think I’m weird that I still like Lego. They think it’s for babies. Which is of course rubbish, because the Lego I have says on the box that it’s for 9-14 year olds, and I know for sure that there’s also super massive Lego for adults! So, I don’t really talk about Lego with most of them anymore, even Dan, who used to be my best Lego mate. He’s really into baseball now and he’s also got a cool remote control car that he built with his Dad that he plays with most of the time. He said he’s ‘moved on’ from Lego, whatever that means. It’s a bummer, because he was awesome at creating space rockets and planets and stuff out of Lego – the Star Wars bricks were his favourite. It made me think whether I should find something else to do too, but the thing is I still love Lego!  Legoland is my land. It’s safe, exciting, fun, awesome, and cool. And noone is mean to me there.  So I decided I would keep doing Lego, but just in private now.

Sometimes that’s just how it has to be I guess. Y’know, doing stuff in private.  Not everyone likes what I like and I certainly don’t like everything my friends like. (Baseball? Really?)  I think it’s mean to be teased and called a ‘baby’ though  (and anyway, what’s wrong with babies? I thought they were cute and everyone liked them!). If I don’t like what someone else likes I just don’t do it with them. I don’t tease them about it.  I just don’t say anything at all. My Mum taught me that years ago: “if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.”  I always remember that, even when I’m really busting to say something because someone has said something mean to me. I bite my tongue really hard and that seems to help.

I guess I’ll be spending most of my holidays alone… at least until I’ve built my Lego vehicle, and then I’ll probably go down to the park and play some footy with my mates.

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