Can Do school hatI started back at school this week. Boy. It feels weird after such a long and great summer holiday.

I really struggled to get up on Monday morning and Mum kept having to remind me about getting ready: ‘Clean your teeth. Brush your hair. Pack your hat.’   You see, I’d gotten into the habit of lazing about in bed for a bit, then mooching about my bedroom, mostly playing Lego or cuddling Howie, then taking my time over breakfast and getting dressed about 10.30.

THAT routine wasn’t going to cut it on a school morning, clearly!

Mum told me to find some enthusiasm and get moving, because it was the start of another great year. (She obviously was excited to see me heading off to school. I guess I have been a bit noisy and messy and in her face the whole summer….)

But to be honest, I was also struggling because I was pretty nervous about going back to school.

It was hard to find any excitement about what I knew would NOT be a great year.  I’d already made my mind up about that. You see, I received two big blows at the end of last year when our new classes were announced: I got what I’ll kindly call the ‘grouchiest’ teacher in the school; AND I didn’t get either of my best friends in my class. I was SO bummed. I reckon I’d be able to survive Mrs Grouchy’s shouting and meanness if I had Maggie or Dougie with me.

The thing is, I’m not usually worried about my teachers. I always seem to get along with them, and just go quietly so I’m not noticed too much. I find it easier that way.  I do alright with my school work, but I’m not a superstar and not dumb either. I guess I’m right in the middle somewhere, where people leave you alone mostly.

What I was really struggling with though, was that Mrs Grouchy was known to be SUPER grumpy ALL THE TIME. No matter what is going on in her class. And I hate the yelling, even if it’s not directed at me. It really makes me fidgety.

Can Do school desk

So, I knew what I was in for on Monday morning, or at least I thought I did, and that’s why I struggled to move faster than a snail. I really didn’t want to go to school and have to face Mrs Grouchy. I really didn’t want to have no friends in class to cringe with whilst she yelled.


But guess what? Weirdly, Mrs Grouchy wasn’t so grouchy after all! In fact, it turns out she’s pretty nice. I’m not going to say she’s the funniest teacher I’ve ever had, but I reckon I might have been a bit hard on her in my head. She definitely likes rules, and she likes order and quiet (and she does seem to like the sound of her own voice a bit too much!) but she’s also pretty good at making up awesome maths lessons and even cracked a joke today!

I found Maggie in the playground at recess, and we talked about our new teachers. I think she was a bit worried for me too, but I told her I think I’m going to be ok after all.  She seems to like her new teacher – but then, she seems to like everyone, and everyone likes Maggie! I then found Dougie at lunchtime and we played tag.   I don’t talk as much to him about stuff like this as I do with Maggie.  He just shrugged when I asked him how his teacher was.

So, maybe Mum was right after all. (She always seems to be!) Maybe it is going to be a great year.  Well, at least an ok year. There definitely is heaps of good stuff to look forward to – camp, excursions, clubs, footy and a new canteen menu.   I guess I’ll quite complaining and try to get up a bit earlier tomorrow. I might even remember to brush my hair before Mum asks!


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