Our Can Do Kids

Madison Bailey

Attitude Ambassador

Madison has an amazing Can Do Attitude and we are grateful to have her as our Inaugural Ambassador for Australia.

We asked her to create a promo video to help sell tickets for our last Can Do Kids Concert — and she did it with great gusto and precision. We asked her to sing our opening song at the concert — and she did it with style and passion. And we asked her to be our mascot and ambassador and we know she will do a fabulous job. Welcome to our team, Madison!

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    Personal Statement:

    Madison wants to help make children feel more confident, to help them know they have great potential to make this world a better place, and believes that teaching children in grade 3 to be happy, resillient and kind will in turn help our future generation to be happy healthy minded teenagers, and adults.

    She hopes to inspire children to know they can be strong, confident and can do anything they put their mind to — and if at first they don’t succeed; to have the confidence try and try again. Madison has demonstrated this many times in her 13 years and has big dreams for her future … because you can do anything when you’re a Can Do kid!

    Hannah Milner

    Can Do Kids Club Captain

    Every team needs a great leader and Hannah is perfect for this role. Hannah sang beautifully at our Can Do Kids Concert in May 2017 and followed up soon after with a couple of stella performances in Dromana Secondary College’s ‘Wizard of Oz’. She has a great Can Do attitude to life and we know she will be a wonderful Kids Club Captain.

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      Personal Statement:

      My name is Hannah Milner I am 13 years old and a Year 8 student at Dromana Secondary College.

      I love singing and all things music!

      As your Can Do Kids Club Captain, I am looking forward to helping and encouraging young children to become happy, confident and resilient kids.

      The A for Attitude book, along with fun activity sheets and cards in the Can Do Kids Club provide the inspiration and tools required to learn these skills for life.

      As a singer, having a positive attitude and confidence has enabled me to perform at events such as our Can Do Kids concert.

      I hope to inspire other children to have the confidence to get up and have a go! Whether it be singing, sport or school activities. When you’re a Can Do Kid you can do anything you put your mind to!

      Captain Happy
      Aussie Achiever interviewer

      When Parker was invited to be one of our ace interviewers, he decided to make a name for himself, and ‘Captain Happy’ was born. So far he has interviewed two of our Aussie Achievers: Adam Alexander and Grant Denyer.

      Our values:
      •Respect for self and others
      •Resilience through Early intervention

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