How do you spend your Fabulous First 5 Minutes each day?

That moment when you wake up each morning is full of marvelous possibilities and it’s your perfect opportunity to choose how your day will proceed.

We’ve created the ultimate simple, effective program, The Fabulous First 5 Minutes, which helps children and their families to really make the most of each day (and their lives ahead).

Apart from goal setting, it’s designed to assist children to become more resilient by learning how to effectively manage problems — simply and quickly.

The emphasis is upon shifting their focus from the perceived problem to consider and focus upon more positive possibilities.

FabFirst5 School Pack

Contains the following items:
• The FabFirst5 PowerPoint™ CD-Rom* for single school computer use
• A workbook for teachers
• Pdfs to print out the Possibili-tree™ and two types of leaves: Worry leaves and Wishing leaves  – in colour and B&W.  Stick worry and wishing leaves back to back… Write worries on the worry leaves and flip them over the opposite to the problem on the wishing leaves.
• 20 pdf activity sheets ideal for classroom use
• ‘Hang up your worries’ meditation
• A4 A for Attitude posters to print & display on your classroom wall.

*The FabFirst5 PowerPoint™ Program works on Windows and Mac with Office 2007 or later.