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Quick Duck – Julie’s first book Quick! Duck Down Under was self-published back in 1996. It’s a story of a greedy crocodile who plans to cook and eat the characters at a billabong. The croc gets his just deserts in the end when he refuses to share his food with the bunyip, and ends up in the billabong before ever getting his teeth into anyone or anything.

Due to popular demand, it was republished in 2005 with a Bonus detachable page that can be laminated and used as a placemat, or flip it over and play the Snakes and Adders game. This book is:

  • full of fun and games,
  • Australian! includes native animals and colloquialisms.
  • educational
    – on each page there is an extra item to count and collective nouns are used, rather than numbers.
  • cookery terms feature throughout, and
  • great value.

And we couldn’t let you escape without a moral, so that’s there too! Have fun!

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