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Role of participating schools includes:

  • Allocate a time when all Grade 3 students can be gathered together for the presentation of books
    • consider inviting a local identity (public figure / ‘Aussie achiever’) to present books to students and give a brief talk about importance of having a Can Do attitude etc., and/or
    • if sponsors are local, invite them to the distribution ceremony (with the option to personally present books to students). We have found that children enjoy hearing a few words from their sponsors. Having the opportunity to shake hands and thank someone for their book is both energising and rewarding for most students and particularly gratifying for the benefactors.

Many teachers have welcomed this opportunity for students to learn, and /or practise this important life-skill of showing gratitude.
This experience can help to make the event more memorable for children and tends to boost even more feelings of connection for students to their books. You may choose to invite parents to attend this event.

  • Assemble all Grade 3 students for book distribution (allocate 30 to 50 mins)
  • Write each child’s name in their book prior to distribution, or have chidlren write their name at time of distribution
    • This kindles feelings of ownership and enables children to locate their own book when it comes time for them to take it home.
  • Play the following Attitude Videos to students at time of distribution:
    • Author message to students (3 minutes)
    • Choose from a selection of ‘Aussie achievers’ 5 minute interviews in which interviewees answer up to 5 of the following questions:
      • What do you believe is the best thing you’ve achieved so far and why?
      • Where did you get your Can-do attitude from?
      • What challenges did you face in primary school and how did you overcome them?
      • What is your favourite page in A for Attitude — and why?
      • What is your message (or advice) to children who are watching this video now?
  • Remind and encourage children to use their books, either in class or at home. Our survey results indicate that when encouraged/reminded by teachers, students tended to show a higher rate of engagement with the book.
    • many teachers have reported using A for Attitude for ‘teachable moments’, either in the classroom or school yard.
    • participating teachers can also download the A+ activity workbook (co-written by a senior Grade 3 teacher) which contains activities linked to the curriculum.
  • Online support will be provided free of charge to teachers at participating schools. Teachers must register for access to online support.

Our values:
•Respect for self and others
•Resilience through Early intervention

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