Can Do on trampolineI looooove daylight savings. It’s really bright at night for ages so I get to stay up a bit later than normal. It’s also mostly really warm so I like hanging around outside. Sometimes I sit up in my fort or climb a tree. Other times I take up position on the back stairs and see how many ants I can count. I get a bit lost in my own head, but I can also hear the teenagers in our street all talking and mucking around on their bikes outside. They sure do make some noise and have some weird conversations, but it must be fun to be allowed to hang out and go riding with your friends late at night. I wonder how old you have to be to do that?

My absolute favourite thing to do at daylight savings time is to lie on the trampoline with Howie and look up at the stars. Howie is a really active dog most of the time, but he kind of chills out at the end of the day when he’s alone with me. He follows me up the ladder and through the net with his tail wagging crazily. He then picks a spot on the trampoline, as close to me as he can get, and circles round it about 4 times before he drops and gets comfy. He snuggles right into me and turns his eyes to the sky. I don’t even know if dogs can see the stars, but Howie seems to like to try.

I love how Howie feels next to me.

He warms me up when it starts to get a bit chilly, and he’s kind of like a pillow for my back. I talk to him quietly about what I can see in the stars – a saucepan, a dinosaur, a three-headed alien. It’s amazing what you can see when you relax your eyes and just stare. You kind of let your eyes go all glossy and soft and then objects start to appear. I like to make up stories about the different things I see. Howie seems to like listening to my stories – at least, he doesn’t NOT like them. I know he can’t talk back to me, but somehow I know he’s listening. I swear he actually does nod his head sometimes.

Not all my friends like listening to my stories.

I do tell a LOT of stories, I get that, and maybe not all of them are as good as my star stories, but I think it would be nice if people listened a bit more. It’s kind of rude when I’m right in the middle of the best action bit and they just walk off, not even waiting to find out what happens to the main dude. It makes me feel weird and embarrassed. I would never do that, mostly because I always want to find out what happens next in a story, but also because I know how good it feels to finish telling a whole story.

I’m so lucky to have Howie. He really is my best mate. He listens to me and keeps me warm and never walks off when I’m telling a story. He also lets me share my secrets and never laughs if I have a crazy idea. He also plays a mean game of catch. He’s never cross with me or bored of me and never makes me feel bad about myself. He’s pretty much the perfect friend. He just can’t ride a bike though …

(Universal energy, p.78, A for Attitude)



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