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  • Clementine, our pocket-rocket reporter, who interviews some of our Aussie Achievers:
  • Our Aussie Achievers, in order of appearance on Attitude TV:
    • Melanie Gard – Principal of Peninsula School of Dance
    • Christine Neilsen – Former Chairs Scouts Youth Committee
    • David Hosking and Ken May – McCrae daily swimmers
    • Steve Bastoni – Aussie actor and Director of the Peninsula Short Film Festival

Professional services

We are very grateful to IMB Bank Community Foundation for their generous sponsorship of $20,667 to support 2,000 Grade 3 students in NSW, ACT and Victoria to receive their own personal copy of A for Attitude via the Attitude Books Project.

IMB bank have branches predominantly in NSW and ACT with one Victorian branch located in Glen Waverley.

IMB Bank have great rates and very friendly staff. Visit a branch or their website to see how they stack up against your current financial institution.

A big Thank You to Laura Wattie of Grendesign for generously designing and building our new website.

Grenco is Laura’s other business, providing casual and permanent coworking desks in her professional offices in Mornington, where the atmosphere is happy and supportive.


Our passion is finding the right solution for your business

Want to grow your business & improve cashflow?

You need SMART solutions for YOUR business, not just annual tax compliance! Get the SMART team working with you. Call SMART Business Solutions today on 03 5911 7000

Thanks so much to the team at Smart Business Solutions for their generous support in providing bookkeeping services for our Foundation!


A mind body business hub for creatives and holistic practitioners

The Garden is a perfect hub for businesses who are holistic in nature &/or are created to help people and the community, to rent working space — either to consult with their clients or to run workshops.

We welcome Health & wellbeing practitioners such as Hypnotherapists, Massage therapists, Counsellors, Naturopaths, Nutritionists, wellness coaches as well as business or lifestyle consultants including coaches, designers, beauticians and more — the possibilities are endless.

Can Do Kids Club launch Sponsor

A message from the Director of Peninsula School of Dance
Many students come to us with the desire to dance pulsing through their veins, though their very soul. Some of my kids are here to unwind after school, have fun with friends, gain confidence, express themselves and hang out in a place that just really gets them, and to be inspired in life. That being said those students with big dance dreams probably also tick the above boxes too! Many of my students come to our school with their own unique need for expression…and it’s my challenge and great privilege as a Dance School Director to meet their needs, to offer support and to encourage them.

From toddlers in tutus, kids in taps, boys learning to leap, dancing teenagers blooming from awkwardness to confidence, myself and my team at Peninsula School of Dance are committed to helping them through their dance journey.

Melanie Gard

Melbourne & Peninsula Speech Pathology

Warm, caring and knowledgeable Speech Pathologists committed to using evidence based therapies to help your child with his/her communication difficulty. We work closely with parents, teachers, aides and health care professionals (G.P’s, Occupational Therapists, Paediatricians) to help your child reach their full potential.

Progressive Psychology, based on the beautiful Mornington Peninsula, is a high quality professional practice offering psychological support and counselling services for adults, adolescents and children.

Our approach to therapy is flexible and supportive. Our aim is a collaborative relationship in which you are equipped with practical skills and techniques, to help you manage life’s challenges, transitions and stresses over the long term.

We can provide counselling in both individual and group formats for families, schools, organisations and community groups.

Welcome home

G.J. Gardner Homes have built over 28,000 homes quality, customised homes over the past 25 years. Every franchise is owned and operated by people with local knowledge, insights, expertise and advice. G.J. Gardner Mornington is a proud sponsor of the Attitude Books Foundation Inc.

Quest Frankston, 377 Nepean Hwy, Frankston

Quest Frankston serviced apartments offer guests a relaxed and comfortable accommodation experience for overnight visits, short or long stays, ideal or for both the corporate and leisure traveller.

Quest Frankston is a proud sponsor of the Attitude Books Foundation Inc.

Can Do Kids Club launch Sponsor

Thank you so much to our generous sponsors of the Can Do Kids Club launch and supporters of the Wellness Pavilion at Rosebud Secondary College. hockingstuart Rosebud Telephone: 03 5986 5777

Attitude Books Project Sponsor

We offer comprehensive osteopathic care to families; from newborns to the elderly. Our approach to osteopathy is all about helping you understand your symptoms and determine the ‘why’ behind them. We offer treatments based on your individual needs.  Now operating in Frankston & Narre Warren. Ph 03 9783 9041. Allied Health Connections sponsored A for Attitude books for grade 3 students at Lyndhurst Primary School in 2014.

A great workspace and meeting rooms close to Melbourne CBD

360 Cube is an exclusive boutique hub for go-getter business owners.
And a wonderful supporter of Attitude Books Foundation Inc.

People who quite like A for Attitude

Nikki – mum of two young children 10 and 7 has used the books for 7 years. Discusses ‘self-talk’ and ‘positive language’ and says “It’s Important for Gr3 children to have the books to all use common language to be able to help each other’.

Claire Burns, Specialist teacher and Youth Director at the Rotary Club of Rosebud-Rye. Hear what Claire has to say about the club supporting the Attitude Books Project in six local schools each year from 2013.

“I love the A for Attitude book and cards, especially the following topics:

  • boomerangs
  • I can do it
  • choices
  • anger and
  • admit when you’re wrong.”

Marita O’Sullivan, DP, Our Lady of Fatima Primary School, Vic

“… refreshingly successful in tackling positive attitudes … hits you between the eyes with its simple and direct message.”

The Scholastic

“I liked the book on the whole – every page is inspirational. This book can be used for any age group. From young to adults. I have already recommended it to the staff I work with as it is also a motivational book, anyone would be motivated in a positive way with the book.”

Debbie McCann, Subscriber

Tom Bellier is nine. Five years ago his mum Sarah purchased A for Attitude and began reading it with Tom and his little sister Anja. We thought it would be great to have Tom provide some honest feedback in his own words, and he graced us with this beautiful piece of writing…

“Yesterday, one of the young mothers at my 3-day seminar in told me that her 6 yr old son was so taken by ‘A for Attitude” that he wanted her to re-read to him in the morning before going to school, after she had read sections of it before he went to bed the night before.”

Robert Pereira, International Educational Consultant

“…The values and philosophies in your book(s) are such important ones for all of us, but perhaps especially important for people with Autism Spectrum Disorders…”

Anita Holzer – Occupational Therapist, Qld

“…I firmly believe that EVERY home would benefit from a copy of this book!…”

Sammy Nuttall

“As a school chaplain in two primary schools I use three of your invaluable resources frequently.

  • The A for Attitude cards are in my pocket all the time and are a great encourager and skill developing resource the children can use from prep to grade 6 especially re goal setting and changing the negative self talk.
  • The book from the same name is utilised in my office frequently with children and parents alike. For personal development, goal setting, self esteem building, promoting living in the moment, skill development, changing negative self talk and utilising smart goal concept helping children achieve and understand the truth about themselves.
  • The Fab First Five app is invaluable as it has been extremely well received by all ages children and family members alike. I appreciate the fact that it is a tool that is goal focused, interactive and places the thoughts action and behaviours firmly in the hands of the individual using the app. It sets the child up to achieve, learn resilience, responsibility, resourcefulness and that they are in control of their own thoughts, behaviours and choices.

It is especially useful for students with a limited concentration span and can help the child move from negative self doubt to realistic hope and achievable goals with in the space of 5 minutes.

Thank you it makes my job so much easier.”

Sandi Dwyer, Dromana P.S. and Boneo P.S.

“I first bought this book for my son when he was 4 years old and read it to him almost daily. As he grew, we switched so that he would read it to me as daily reading practice. All the while the positive and affirming messages were being absorbed.

We also played games with the cards and have posters around the house. (We are now enjoying reading R for Richlife together).

This is a fantastic resource for any family, for all ages and I highly recommend it!”

Marie Farrugia – Templestowe, Vic.

“I first heard about A for Attitude from my yoga teacher a couple of years ago when I was discussing my three children and their various situations. I bought the package with the book and “The Fabulous First 5 Minutes Home Pack” and we used it to get through some issues the kids were having at the time with negative self talk.

Interestingly 2 years later I have an 8 year old who has just started at a new school and I have pulled the whole pack out again. Faced with lots of discussions containing “I can’t” sentences and “it’s not fair” sentences we have started progressing through the book again and already I can see my son stopping before he speaks to consider the choice of words that he is about to use.

I think this should be a package that every family owns that sits right next to the family dictionary/atlas/other resource books that get used regularly! Opportunities abound every day to pull it out and reference one of the beautifully positive pages.”

Natalie Palmer, Parent and former teacher

Our values:
•Respect for self and others
•Resilience through Early intervention

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