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I had to take some time out

By |2019-03-21T10:31:22+10:00September 6th, 2018|Healthy Minds|

Mum has this long lost cousin ....I'm not quite sure why she's 'lost' - she seems to know her way around - but that's what Mum calls her. Anyway, she came to stay with us last week. She's one of those people who you REALLY know is in a room.  She's noisy, she's big, she [...]

Doing the dentist dance

By |2018-03-03T21:54:17+10:00February 28th, 2018|Healthy Bodies|

Nobody much seems to like dentists. I wonder why anyone wants to become one? I think they go to uni forever too, just to learn how to create torture in people's mouths.... I know I probably shouldn’t have that attitude towards dentists – that they’re torturers – but they really seem to be. They have [...]