The Christmas spirit is alive and well. Or so I keep hearing my mum say. She’s a huge fan of Christmas, at least that’s what she tells me, even though I often see her crying on Christmas eve. I wonder why she does that every year? I reckon it might have something to do with the fact that she misses her mum and dad. They died when I was a baby so I never knew them, but I guess it must be tough to not have your mum and dad around at Christmas time. I think she also feels sorry for everyone else who doesn’t have much family around them. She’s said that a few times. I’m not 100% sure but that’s how it feels to me.

So, we got some visitors to our house on the last night of November. Two of Santa’s elves came to stay. I’d heard about ‘the Elf on the Shelf’ from some kids at school but I’d never seen one. Secretly I wished one would come visit us – and then two turned up! They sound like they do really funny stuff but also really naughty stuff. And they get away with it because there’s no one to tell them off! Apparently they’re here to check on me, to see if I’m being naughty or nice, and then they go back and tell Santa every night. Kind of like checking up and checking in. I wonder how many elves Santa has telling him stuff? He must have a good memory.

So far the elves have been pretty tame. They haven’t done anything really bad yet.   They rode on my train that goes around the Christmas tree, and they stuck their heads in our fish tank. The fish looked really confused!! Then they got inside the fridge and wrapped their arms around the leftover cheese mum and dad had been munching on. It was French and super yummy they said – I reckon it stank! The elves seemed to like it too – or maybe they just want to stop anyone else from eating any more of it! It was pretty gross. Oh, and two nights ago, they threw all the teddies off my top bunk onto the floor and then made two of them show their bums to me! So hilarious.

But guess what those cheeky elves did last night? It was their best act yet. The boy elf locked the girl elf inside the cereal container and sat on the lid so she couldn’t get out! It was brilliant. It’s exactly what I’d do to my sister, if I had one… Or maybe if I had a big brother he’d do it to me… I love cereal so it could be worse.

The elves are pretty fun to watch. I’m really excited each morning to find out where they are and what they’ve been up to. I’m not allowed to touch them – mum says the magic will disappear if I do.   I just can’t figure out how they get around our house when they’re so small and stuffed? During the day they just look like toys, but somehow they can move in the dark. I guess that’s a bit like Santa too. How the heck does he get to everyone’s house in one night?

It would be awesome to have magic powers like the elves. I reckon if I did I’d do heaps of cool things to trick my friends. They’d never know it was me and I’d be laughing the whole time watching their crazy faces get all confused. I could also get out of homework really easily, and make sure that every time I aimed for the goals I got one. The thing is, I reckon if I had magic powers like the elves I would also turn myself into a big mop and dry up mum’s tears. She shouldn’t cry at Christmas time. It makes me feel sad that she’s sad. It’s supposed to be a fun and happy time.   I hope this year she doesn’t cry.

(Sadness, p.70, Imagination, p.41, A for Attitude)

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