I love this time of year. School is almost finished, Christmas is really soon and the weather is getting warm. Summer holidays are almost here and everyone relaxes a bit more. There’s also some stuff I’m not such a fan of at this time of year though…mostly the school concert.

You see, every year we have to learn a new song or two, some with actions and some with instruments, to sing at the end of year concert. My music teacher is so excited by the concert but she gets cranky with us when we’re not as excited as she is. Which isn’t really fair, because I’ve never seen her get excited about the school foot competition and no one gets cranky at her…

Truthfully, I have no problem singing in my bedroom or in the car when a cool song comes on the radio. But it’s got to be a cool one. And sometimes, you might even catch me busting a move in the backyard. In fact Howie, you know, my best 4-legged mate, is a pretty good dancer too. He likes to spin and chase his tail, but sometimes he does it so much he falls over, all four legs in the air! I love spinning until I get dizzy too.

The thing about the school concert though is that the songs are usually dorky and we HAVE to sing and dance in front of everyone. Like, EVERYONE! There’s usually hundreds of people there and it’s kinda, well, scary. Even though we practice heaps in music class, and I know all the words, I always seem to get this weird tickly feeling in my tummy when it’s our turn to go up on stage.   Mum says it’s just butterflies and butterflies are nice. But my butterflies make me feel a bit sick, like I might vomit, not really nice and floaty like I imagine a butterfly would feel.

I’m not sure if the other kids feel this way too. If they do, they don’t seem to show it. Lots of the girls seem to LOVE the school concert. They all try to sing the loudest and stand in the front row so they’re seen. I don’t reckon they could have butterflies in their tummies. And I’m not sure about the other boys either. Noone says anything, but most of them do push each other out the way to get as far up the back as possible.

The butterflies are a weird feeling. I don’t even know why they’re in there. I’m not really scared of actually doing the singing part, but for some reason fear creeps into my body at the same time every time, just before I get on the stage. I suppose maybe I’m scared of looking dumb by forgetting the words, or even worse, scared of standing out by being the only one singing loudly. What would everyone think? What would they do? What would they say? How would my friends react?

I don’t suppose there’s any way out of it this year though. Mum has heard every excuse I’ve got. And this year grandma is coming to the concert too – just to hear me sing. Ugh.

Hmm. Well, if I want to be a famous astronaut, I guess I’ll just have to do a few scary things, right? I’ll just have to deal with the weird hot feeling that rushes all over my face and makes me hands sweaty. I’ll have to get up on that stage and hope that no one looks at me too much and that the girls down the front sing really, really loudly. I suppose I won’t actually die by singing in the concert. I may get choked a little by a butterfly, but I won’t actually die.

(Fear is our worst enemy, p.28 A for Attitude)

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