Can Do does yogaI was so lucky to go to the beach with my friends Ollie and Lucy and their Mum and Dad to do some yoga with a ladycalled Jan.  She’s really nice and loves doing yoga on the beach, especially on New Year’s eve.

I hadn’t ever done yoga before, and to be honest, I was a bit scared about tying myself up in knots and standing on my head, but I knew Ollie hadn’t done it either, so that kind of helped. I’d heard from one of my teachers at school that it makes you feel really good in both your head and your body, kind of like a stretch for the brain as well as the biceps I guess.

We had to get ready early to head down to the beach, to make sure we got a car park. (Ollie’s dad seems to worry a lot about that sort of stuff). It was really sunny and so warm so we just had shorts on with no shoes.  It felt really good to be at the beach that early – there weren’t many people around and it was really calm and quiet.

We laid out our towels and got comfy lying in the sand. By the time it was 9am there were about 100 people there! Jan told us what position to lie in and what to do with our arms and legs – she had a cool microphone (kind of like a popstar) and a speaker so we could all hear her.  We didn’t have to do anything too hard, so I was pretty Can Do with Lucy and Olliecomfortable.  There were some grown-ups there who obviously do yoga ALL the time though, because they were sticking their legs around their neck and definitely looked like pretzels!

One cool thing we had to do was sit quietly for a minute and think about what we wanted to say goodbye to from 2017. I’m not very good at sitting still for a long time, but I really tried hard to do it this time, because I knew it was important not to disturb anyone else. We had to think about any stuff we didn’t like or want in our lives anymore and send it off into the sky.  Then we got to think about all the good stuff we DO want to have in this new year and focus on that for a while.  She told me afterwards that if I focus hard enough on the positive stuff that I want I might actually make it come true! Sounds pretty good to me. (Just to let you know, I really want to say goodbye to the so-called friends who started making fun of me in the playground in term 4 at school, and I really want to find a new best friend who likes the same stuff I do…oh, and I also really want a skateboard…).

Can Do on yoga mat

At the end of the yoga session we all stood up and made a massive big circle. We held hands (luckily I was in the
middle of Ollie and Lucy, coz I feel a bit weird about holding hands with people I don’t know), and then we shut our eyes. We had to say “Ommmmm” for a really long time, altogether, and do it three times.  It was a pretty cool sound, especially because there were so many people doing it. I did sneak a look  halfway through the second time, just to see how everyone else looked – I always get curious about what’s happening when I’m supposed to have my eyes closed.  At least I knew Jan wasn’t going to tell me off though, unlike some of the teachers at school when you take a peek. She was such a gentle and positive lady – she only had smiles and nice things to say to people. And guess what? Everyone only said nice things to her too!

We finished up the yoga and I went and dipped my toes in the water.


Can Do does tree pose with Jan and jo

It was cold but my body was so warm that it

felt great. I really enjoyed doing  yoga, especially because it was outside. I don’t reckon it would be as much fun


inside a classroom, but I guess in winter it wouldn’t be that much fun at the beach either.  I felt really calm afterwards, and kind of like everything was positive and full of good energy. I reckon I’m going to try and focus on that best friend and

skateboard as much as I possibly can this year.

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